Spiritual Daosith

Becoming the Creator
Empower Yourself
“Self-love is the starting point to break the darkness that holds people in self-imposed prisons.”

Becoming the Creator

A Practical Guide to Spirituality and Connection

Life does not happen to you. Life happens because of you. This is a journey to rediscover that truth. The truth of who and what you are. This is a process for recollecting aspect of you that were given away because of fear. Embark on a life changing journey to rediscover that you are connected to Source and you are empowered to make a better life. You are the change you have been waiting for.

This timely material is a practical guide to spirituality, and to finding a deeper connection to yourself and life. Becoming The Creator: A Practical Guide To Spirituality And Connection invites you to heal through Daosith’s difficult life experiences and the spiritual insights from his guides. It offers helpful practical exercises that helped him break the painful patterns of anger, unworthiness, and not feeling safe instilled in him from early childhood. He offers a way to learn how to consciously move forward and create the life you desire and deserve. Create the joy, love, and peace in your life by facing your fears and becoming the creator.