Spiritual Daosith

The Light of Compassion


I write this on the heels of another heart-breaking event, but this time it’s the Texas elementary school tragedy. My heart goes out to those in suffering and impacted by this event. I long for a world that such senseless violence is completely removed from our way of thinking and being.

In the aftermath of these events there can be such turmoil and lashing out. So many of us seeking answers and attacking one another for a variety of reasons. People are getting political and mudslinging each other for their beliefs all while there is real pain happening. It is difficult to witness as more people drive a stake further between each other even though we all want the same thing in the end.

I don’t know the solution to this problem, but what I do know is this: Darkness cannot drive out darkness. We must not use the forces of the dark to fight the dark. The tools by which the dark maneuver will only create more darkness. We must find light to drive out the dark. Don’t let darkness manipulate your vulnerability into more hatred and attacks. Don’t let history repeat the same pattern that the darkness thrive on.

We must find the light of compassion and love in this moment. We must find compassion in the connection of one another to get through this. Not in the reliance of darkness to eviscerate another in their beliefs. Not in the reliance of darkness to separate and to control another. We need the light of love. We need forgiveness and compassion. Can we find connection in a time when darkness drives fear and separation? Can we find compassion and love for the slain? Can we find compassion for the families of the slain? Can we find compassion for the survivors? Can we find compassion for the other teachers, the other families, the other children, and the community affected by this? Can we find compassion in someone who doesn’t agree with us politically on this? Can we find compassion for the tortured state the gunman must have gone through to follow through with such a painful act? Compassion for those that pushed him to the limit and beyond? Compassion for his family? Compassion for the divine souls that chose to exit this earthly life in such a catastrophic and catalytical way?

Now just as important, can you see the aspect of you being mirrored back? The heartbreak and the pain witness in this collective violence? Can you honestly look into the depth of yourself and find forgiveness and compassion? To forgive and compassionately accept all the things that you are carrying that are painful, rejected and separated. Do you see the anger within you that wants to be heard? Do you see the shame that wants to be loved? Do you see your inner child with so much pain in its heart? Can you acknowledge the energy and the aspects of you wishing for someone to accept and love you?

I know I offer no solace in my words for many of you, but I do hope that you find the light of love and compassion through this. Don’t let the darkness misguide your light and heart into decisions that only mirror more pain, suffering, and fear.

Blessing loved ones.