Spiritual Daosith



As creators we tend to focus our inner seeking around experiences that are energetically misaligned to our expectation or desires. It is easier to see and experience the mirror of ourselves that is offered when we feel anger, sadness, pain, and rejection. The reflection is far more potent and easier to identify. The negative experiences are not the only doorway into beliefs.

The creator can also question the flip side of the coin, which are experiences that bring fulfillment of our self-worth. There is a mirror within the energy reflections that make us feel good. It is less potent of a mirror but serves its purpose, nevertheless.

For instance, growing up I played a soccer. I enjoyed soccer immensely. Part of the reason was because I was decent at it. It offered a source of confidence for me. It helped me with my self-esteem and self-worth. I started playing when I was around 6-7 years old in youth programs. As I got older, I really focused on soccer through my high school years.

When I look back with hindsight, I can see that I projected my self-worth or my desire to be loved unto my soccer performance. Scoring goals, assists, and being part of the game play with great flair. I worked hard and focused a lot of energy into it. I aimed to be a team captain, to be a starting player, and to be on travel teams. But what was I actually doing? Why was I putting so much effort into it? I was fulfilling a need for self-worth. I was trying to fulfill my desire for love or rather I was trying to avoid my feeling of not feeling loved. Feeling loved by being seen as one of the best soccer players in my community.

I have looked inward into this aspect of me. I saw myself seeking approval and validation from my teammates to get that momentary experience of love. This pattern was playing out everywhere else in my life. It was just now being unveiled right before my eyes even though I felt good from it.

Today, I continue to play soccer and still enjoy it. The difference now is that I don’t have the attachments that I used to have. I don’t project my worth into it. I can come from state of being centered around love and enjoy the entertainment and fun no matter the outcome. It has put my body more at ease and far less injury prone, especially around the legs and ankles.

We go about our day experiencing things that we have judged as bad or good. The bad things are easy to see ourselves in because we see a discord. The good things that make you feel good also are windows into yourself as well. Take a moment to discover why you feel good around these experiences. Is the worth being sourced from outside of you? Is it because you are fulfilling a desire that is a deep underlying belief looking to be discovered? Remember, the law of attraction isn’t just working in a silo. There is a relationship to all, and the thread of your belief is in everything. If it is showing up in other areas, it is showing up in things that make you feel good as well.