Spiritual Daosith

The Busy Worker Bee.


The little worker bee lives quite a life. Depending on the time of year and season, they have different roles and responsibilities that seem to never end or are ever changing. They keep themselves busy for the betterment of the queen and the hive colony until their life cycle comes to an end. Endless roles such as mortuary bees, pollen packers, queen attendants, honeycomb building, honey sealing, fanning, water carrier, and the list continues… I wonder if they ever consider why they do these things. Probably not, because it is programmed into their DNA. Programmed to do.

How about you? Is your life an endless cycle of non-stop tasks and busyness? Are you the busy worker bee? Life is head down and busy doing. Programmed to fall in line and do because that is what we are supposed to do. There are endless distractions and excuses for why we are constantly moving. There are plenty of good reasons for us to be busy the minute we wake up until we go to bed. Then we have the other reasons. The reasons or distractions that are just keep us busy for no other reason than to keep us busy. It can feel like we are running on autopilot.

Unlike the bee, we can question why. We can stop and ask why our life like this is. You are the creator, so why do you create such a busy life.  Why are you such a busy little worker bee? Does your constant busyness serve a purpose? What purpose? Your purposes or for someone else’s? Or the question I really want to ask is… are you keeping yourself distracted with busyness to avoid something you don’t want to feel or look at?

The busyness can be a distraction, even a welcomed distraction. Some of us may even complain about how busy we are because we get to tell others about how busy we are. We get to boast to others about our ever drowning busyness. It makes us feel like we are important.

“Oh I am just so busy, I literally have no time for myself…” See how busy I am! It’s like a badge of honor… but is it? Or is it a cry for help?

Why do you keep yourself distracted with all this busyness? Why? No really, ask yourself WHY? Look into the mirror. I can guess that it is probably difficult to relax. It is probably difficult to sit still. I bet it is even harder to be silent in meditation with just yourself. Give it a try little worker bee. Can you do it? Or does the anxiety, the fear begin to close in on you? Does it make your feel unsafe? Does it begin to scratch at the box you have hidden away?

If this is you and you feel something creeping up when silence and stillness is present, then I encourage you to sit longer with yourself. Don’t distract yourself with another task. Don’t distract yourself with another job. Have courage to be with the thing that make you feel scared. Avoid the feeling of needing to run away. It is just as scared of you. If you do that, then you might find the reason why you have created a life of busyness. A life like that of the busy worker bee.