Spiritual Daosith

Validate yourself


On my YouTube channel, Spiritual Daosith, I posted a video regarding the August energy. I specifically said that it was going to be a triggering month and most of it would occur around the home and family area of life. People would manifest intense and deeply contrasting experiences to create change in their lives. All of this was in alignment with the changing energies of the year.

How people dealt with that information and energy varied, but the majority chose avoidance and avoided their emotions. I talked with many people since then, and discovered that people completely plowed over their emotions without any thought.

People were triggered and all these strong emotions came up. Rather than feel the emotion, many shoved them right back down and pretend it wasn’t there. Rejecting and repressing the energy looking to be expressed outwardly about feeling invalid, betrayed, hurt, angry, etc… Instead of expressing, honoring, and allowing their emotions to come out, people thought best not to show their emotions because they didn’t want to make a scene or it was pointless or useless. Was this true for any of you? Did you have an experience like that?

Here is the irony: they wanted to feel validated by other people and yet, when it came to validating their own emotions, they chose to avoid or reject themselves. They invalidated themselves even though they wanted to feel validated! Can you see how there is a vibrational misalignment with what they wanted and what they created? The law of attraction is always working here. It does not go away. It is a law. These creators held some self-worth issue inside them. They wanted to be validated on the outside by other co-creators, but their experience left them feeling invalid and rejected. Then these creators decided to reject themselves further by invalidating their emotions.  What they experienced wasn’t a mistake. It was all in perfect alignment to reflect to their self-worth issues. It is all patterning out in their life, and they need to see it and honor it. They need to become the creators in their own lives to see and inquire about it.

You must be the one to validate yourself first if you want to break the pattern. How can you find validation and self-worth externally if you are going to invalidating everything about yourself? If you don’t validate yourself then who will?! Your emotions are important and need to be validated. Your emotions need validation from you not someone else! Validation starts by allowing and honoring yourself to feel you emotions. If you continue to reject your emotions, then the law of attraction will continue to reflect these repressed energies. This is because you hold onto energy that was never let go of and it becomes part of your vibrational signature. It becomes part of your vibrational signal to the Universe and the Universe response with a matching experience to show your self-worth beliefs.

Stop avoiding yourself. Stop rejecting and invalidating yourself. Self-love is needed. That all starts with validating and honoring your emotions. Emotions are you. Don’t deny yourself love. I share a practical step-by-step process in my book Becoming the Creator: A Practical Guide to Spirituality and Connection on how to do this. Take the charge of self-love and start validating yourself.