Spiritual Daosith

I Love The Wind


I love the wind, especially on windy and gusty days. Seeing the trees swirl around as their limbs and branches break from the force. I enjoy watching ungrounded items get swept into the air. The interaction can be hypnotic. I find myself asking “what stirs you wind? What irritates you to move so hastily?”

What I always get from the element is an irritation. Like finding out that someone’s promise is just hot air. There is source energy affecting the wind and it is the symptom of that energy. The science says (my short stint in weather class or what I can recall from elementary science) it is the gradient pressures within the atmosphere causes the wind. A more aggressive slope means more intense winds compared to a more gradual slope.

To me the wind or the air element has a consciousness. That consciousness has a relationship to all within our planet. When the wind stirs, I sense more than the gradual slope of atmospheric pressure. I sense an energy that is irritated within all. Like hurricanes and giant thundering storms that strike with such destructive force. The air is agitated, but why? The consciousness is agitated. There is density that is being dealt with. There is trauma showing up.

What happens when you get angry? Your mind, your emotions, and your energy becomes a torrent cyclone of self-victimhood and you lash out with all this destructive wind and force. You cannot see clearly, and your path is one of hurt and pain. What happens to your breathing? What happens to your body? Think about it.

This perspective is how I view the wind. “What stirs you wind? What irritates you so?” A lot can be revealed if you just ask and listen. It has reason to it. The wind is part of Mother Earth. The wind is in relationship to the whole. As part of our Mother, it is loving. She holds unconditional love for us and our creations. She is willing to hold our creations within her, no matter the intentions.

We are learning and evolving, and so does Mother Earth. We are one with her. She is one with us. There is no difference. We are individually like the cells of her body but make up the total. So, when we hold anger and create density on her body, she holds it too. She allows it because we allow it.

The time has come where Mother Earth will no longer hold space for our creations. We must grow, and she must release what no longer serve her as well. We are all going through the same process, individually and collectively. Becoming aware of our selves and our programs. As we do, so does our Mother Earth. The wind is the symptom of it. It stirs to move the density. It stirs to clear. What is not grounded in love and higher consciousness will be swept away and cleared. The lighting, the water, the wind, and the energy are all powerful transmutative forces. It is consciousness that affects our lives and all that reside within Mother Earth.

So next time, ask yourself when the wind blows, “what stirs you? What irritates you so?” Because the wind is showing you something. It is showing you what Mother Earth wants you to know about yourself. You just need to ask and listen.