Spiritual Daosith

The Light of Compassion

I write this on the heels of another heart-breaking event, but this time it’s the Texas elementary school tragedy. My heart goes out to those in suffering and impacted by this event. I long for a world that such senseless violence is completely removed from our way of thinking and being. In the aftermath of […]

The Busy Worker Bee.

The little worker bee lives quite a life. Depending on the time of year and season, they have different roles and responsibilities that seem to never end or are ever changing. They keep themselves busy for the betterment of the queen and the hive colony until their life cycle comes to an end. Endless roles […]


As creators we tend to focus our inner seeking around experiences that are energetically misaligned to our expectation or desires. It is easier to see and experience the mirror of ourselves that is offered when we feel anger, sadness, pain, and rejection. The reflection is far more potent and easier to identify. The negative experiences […]

Validate yourself

On my YouTube channel, Spiritual Daosith, I posted a video regarding the August energy. I specifically said that it was going to be a triggering month and most of it would occur around the home and family area of life. People would manifest intense and deeply contrasting experiences to create change in their lives. All […]

I Love The Wind

I love the wind, especially on windy and gusty days. Seeing the trees swirl around as their limbs and branches break from the force. I enjoy watching ungrounded items get swept into the air. The interaction can be hypnotic. I find myself asking “what stirs you wind? What irritates you to move so hastily?” What […]

Surrender…You Are Here To Change The World

I often feel that our human experience or our human existence is awkward. Part of me does not feel like I belong here. It is not a feeling of wanting to escape or that I am trying to leave, it is more of a feeling that this place is not what it should be. It […]

Why Are You So Damn Angry?

If my social media feeds are an accurate representation of the collective right now, I would say that there is so much anger. Angry people everywhere. I wonder if any of those angry people ever ask the question, why am I so angry? Especially before they go out into the world to lambast anyone with […]

Familiar Stranger

I sat next to a familiar stranger. His face sunken in from years of harsh words and disappointment. He raspy voiced talked about how things were supposed to go and how he had such high hopes. He talked about unattainable levels of perfection that dimmed him after failing to meet them. You could see his […]